We all are aware that, when we exercise it does well to our body as well as mind. While doing work out or exercise, our body will release endorphins, which is responsible for triggering a positive sensation.

However, many of you may not be aware that there is another solo act, which will offer you pleasure and at the same time relieve you from stress, help improving your sleep and also offer many health benefits. Also, you can have lots of fun too.

If you are man then know how you can masturbate with your penis and have an enjoyable solo steamy session.

1. Set you mood first

Often you need to be turned on and create a proper environment to set your mood. There may be many ways to do as per your sensibility and choice. Mostly men focus on women’s Tits by playing an erotic video.

2. Switch position

You may not get same pleasure if you stick to any single position during masturbation. So, you must try to switch to different positions to explore. If you are doing in standing position then try in sitting or lying down position.

3. Take your own time

It is not necessary that you hurry to get your orgasm, rather go slow and relish the moment of pleasure by prolonging the act. Try to experiment with speed, hand movement and strokes etc.

4. Switch your hands

You can switch your hands, which is similar to changing sex position during actual sex act with a woman. You may get a different sensation and also get rid of your monotony. You may also rub your penis in certain part of your body.

5. Move your hips

Besides using only hands, you can also move your hips to give a feeling that you are entering your penis into the vagina. By doing this, you can also increase your sensitivity and get the feeling of real sex.

6. Try different strokes

Experiment with many different movements for more powerful and profound experience. You may use long and twisting strokes right from base to your tip.

Also, you can palm or pull the penis head during the act with full-hand grip. You may also add little bit rubbing to classic 3-finger grip.

7. Try edging

Try to incorporate start-and-stop method while doing your next session. Controlling orgasm is also called as “edging,” and it can draw out more pleasure and you can have much longer session and more explosive experience.

You can try it out with stroking your penis until you are in the edge of your ejaculation, and then just stop completely.  After sometime again slowly begin masturbating, and increase speed until you reach orgasm.

Again, pull yourself back and repeat this process as long you like.

8. Add sex toys

Nowadays, you can get number of sex toys available in the market like automatic stroker, anal beads, pocket stroker, flesh lights and prostate stimulators etc. All these can help you to heighten your pleasure and you can enjoy your solo act.

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