We’ve laid out the top 12 vibrators and why below. Whether you’re new to toys or looking to add to your current collection, there is something for everyone.

  1.  We-Vibe Tango USB Rechargeable Mini Vibe Waterproof Pink

Known as the most powerful bullet vibrator, few will come close to the zing this little vibe can put out. Rechargeable and fully waterproof, this vibrator is super versatile and a must-have for all toy chests.

  1.  The Rabbit Ears Rechargeable Silicone Vibe Waterproof Pink

The Rabbit ears by the Rabbit company are similar to a wand vibrator, although instead of a large bulbous head, you have some cute bunny ears. Perfect for pin-pointing external stimulation. This vibrator is silking soft silicone, rechargeable, and fully waterproof.

  1.  Jopen Pave Vivian Silicone With Crystals Vibrator USB Rechargeable Waterproof Blue 7.”

The Jopen Pave Vivian is an uber-modern and luxurious internal g-spot stimulation vibrator. It’s sleek, smooth, and the color of Tiffany blue! What more could a girl ask for? Wait, yes, something sparkly as well! It comes with a beautiful Swarovski crystal as the power button. Now you can say it has it all.

  1.  Luxe Touch Sensitive Rechargeable Vibrator Silicone Waterproof Pink

Who knew you could buy a toy that would give back? Well, this technologically super-advanced toy will intensify its vibrations with your movements. The harder you thrust, the more intense the vibrations! Rechargeable, silicone, waterproof, and harness are compatible.

  1.  We-Vibe Touch USB Rechargeable Vibe Waterproof Purple

We love this versatile hand-held external vibrator. Like most of the We-vibe collection, this silicone vibe is super powerful, rechargeable, and waterproof. What makes the touch unique is the eight vibration modes and small size, perfect for pin-point stimulation.

  1.  Firefly Vibrating Massager Glow In The Dark Silicone Vibe Waterproof Pink 8.”

The Firefly products all glow in the dark, a fun, light-hearted feature that we love. These products are body-safe silicone, a great price point, and are waterproof. Great for beginners.

  1.  Rose Lipstick Vibe Russian Red 4.”

Every woman should have a lipstick vibrator. Rose Lipstick ultra-discreet vibe can be used anywhere. The best part is no one would ever suspect because it looks just like your favorite shade of red.

  1.  Nude Impressions 01 Silicone Rechargeable Vibrating Dong Waterproof Purple

Nude Impressions vibrator, beautifully crafted from seamless silicone. The shaft has multiple ridges and a bulbous head for g-spot stimulation. Rechargeable, waterproof, and harness are compatible.

  1. Swan Wand Silicone Vibe Waterproof Pink

The Swan wand is a super powerful vibrator that is unique in that you can use either end of this toy. Constructed of ultra-soft, nearly seamless silicone, this vibe is rechargeable and waterproof. Opt for the smooth straight shaft or use the larger bulbous end for your enjoyment. Perfect as it’s nearly two in one.

  1. Noje G Slim USB Rechargeable Vibrator Rose 8.25.”

The perfect g-spot stimulation, this vibrator, is excellent value with is long sleek neck and bulbous tip. Rechargeable and comes in soft vintage hues of sage and wisteria purple.

  1. Gaia Eco Biodegradable Vibrator Waterproof Coral 7.”

Gaia Eco Vibe is one of the available vibes from Lovify and is eco-friendly. Made of its unique material called “Biofeel,” this is the first biodegradable toy market. This long sleek bullet is perfect for internal or external play.

  1. Rianne S Bella Mini Wand USB Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator Waterproof Coral

You’ll love this mini wand as much as we do. Everything from the adorable packaging to the cute metal bangle included with purchase: rechargeable, super soft silicone, and waterproof, all the things we love in our toys.


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