Hiring an escort is overall a fun and exciting experience. Now, if you want to push yourself a little more and explore your own sexual preferences and desired, a shemale escort is the one who can help.

Trans escort are gaining tremendous attention from heterosexual men around the globe. Their beauty and charm are hard to resist for many men. Here we have discussed how hiring a shemale can be advantageous, if you are looking forward to discover your sexual fantasies and limits.

Advantages of hiring a shemale escort

It’s a better and safer option

If you think you might come across a trans female who will be willing to give it all, you are absolutely wrong. Transsexual females are not sex-hungry. In fact, they are pretty much like any other female. So, in order to experience something new, your best bet is to hire a shemale escort. Also, these escorts usually have a certificate stating that they are free from all sorts of STDs. Now, that’s a relief isn’t it?


They are extremely beautiful

Beauty certainly matters, there is no point in denying it. Shemale escorts working with reputed agencies like Lovesita.com have it all. They have beautiful curvy bodies, large hips, full breast, smooth skin, and plus something fascinating extra down there. Now, your likelihood of finding someone like this in night pub is kind a zero.


They know how to make you happy

You are certainly looking forward to spend a steamy night, and that is exactly what you get when you hire a shemale escort. These girls want to please their clients and thus they work hard to impress you in every way they can. besides, if this is your first time, she can help you relax and enjoy better. She has the necessary experience and confidence to handle the situation.


They can give you a mind-blowing experience

Now, the experience and sexual satisfaction that you get with a TS escort is absolutely different from what you get with a normal female. A shemale escort can understand you in a very unique way, and thus can get you what you desire.


Hiring the Right Shemale Escort

You will be amazed to see how many beautiful shemale escorts are working out there. Now, in order to get exactly what you are hoping for, it is important that understand some of the terms mentioned on the profile of a shemale escort. This includes:


Fully Functional or F/F – If you see this term on her profile, it means she can achieve an erection.

Girlfriend experience or GFE – This term means she will allow and is willing that you penetrate her.

Top/Bottom or Versatile – These terms mean she can penetrate and will allow you to penetrate her as well.

Penis Size – Size matters, especially in this case. Most men want to hire shemale escorts with model like looks and a big fully functional penis. This detail is usually included in the profile. So, if that is what you want, you will get it.

Breast size – just like big penis, some men desire to hire a shemale escort with big boobs. Usually, the cup size is mentioned in the profile clearly.

Lastly, in order to have a good time with a shemale escort, it is important that you relax yourself completely. Don’t let the social obligations haunt you and ruin your experience.

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